Protec Yamaha GP800/GP1200/GP1200R/1300R (BLACK) +50 Nozzles

'97-'07 Yamaha GP800R | GR1200 | GP1200R | GP1300R - Extended Steering Nozzle + 50mm

These Pro-Tec extended steering nozzles will reduce your watercrafts turning radius. This means a quicker steer with less range of motion at the handlebars.

Pro-Tec extended steering nozzles feature two cable mounting positions, standard and quick steer, allowing the rider to tailor the steering action to their own liking.

All Pro-Tec steering nozzles are cast aluminum for strength and reliability then powder coated with a black or silver finish to resist corrosion.

  • Item #: 11-9452

Protec Yamaha GP800/GP1200/GP1200R/1300R (BLACK) +50 Nozzles

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