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Jetinetics is the originator of the charging aluminum flywheel, and proudly retains the manufacturing right to its patented design. The patented Jetinetics Charging Flywheel is significantly lighter, 50% in some cases, which greatly reduces the energy used to overcome flywheel mass and allow the engine to increase rpms rapidly. A significant benefit is the fact that the engine will produce horsepower only after it has reached its powerband, which usually begins about 3800 rpm. By using a Jetinetics Charging Flywheel, the engine is able to reach its powerband much more quickly and create usable power much sooner. Further, during rapid cornering such as course racing or slalom runs, this becomes a significant factor for acceleration.

CAD/CAM Designed and Dyno Tested

• All Billet Aluminum Construction

• 40% to 60% Lighter than Stock Manufactured by Jetinetics on our Own CNC Machinery

• Deep Purple Anodized Finish All Over Precision Dynamically Balanced

• Sealed/Invisible Embedded Magnets (Can Never Come Loose or Rust) Tuff Heat Treated Alloy Ring Gear, Heat Treated to 65 Rockwell C

• Accepts Factory Puller for Removal Ring Gear Teeth Chamfered for Better Starter Bendix Engagement

• Each Flywheel is Coded and Serialized 400 Times More Corrosion Resistant than Double Hard Chrome

• Most Models Can be Repaired or Rebuilt if Necessary Some Models Utilize Steel Center Hubs to Prevent Bore Failures/Extend Flywheel and Crankshaft Life No Modifications Needed to Install (Just Standard Tools Needed)

  • Item #: J305


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