FIZZLE EXTERNAL SEADOO IC KIT 185/215/255/260 HP 03-2014'
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Gain 2+ MPH top speed over OEM Sea Doo 215 HP intercooler

Gain 200-250+ peak RPMs and acceleration throughout the power band

Kit Contents: The intercooler, full piping kit, heavy duty mounting bracket, and stock intercooler block-off plug with boost ports

Fits all 185/215/255/260 HP Supercharged Sea Doo watercraft 2003-2014, except the 2009-2011 S3 model skis

Stock exhaust outlet and the Off Powered Assisted Steering (OPAS) system can remain in use.

Removal of the exhaust resonator is necessary with this kit

A water strainer is recommended with any intercooled setup. It increases longevity and maintains peak performance by helping to prevent clogging of the water passages.

Flushing the intercooler cooling circuit following each use is also highly recommended for salt water riders as salt water corrosion is the most destructive factor in the operation of most water-cooled marine intercoolers.

  • Item #: FF-SD-IC-0001

FIZZLE EXTERNAL SEADOO IC KIT 185/215/255/260 HP 03-2014'

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