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Boyesen's hot RAD valves ratchet up your torque
Specially-designed reed cage holds Boyesen's patented dual-stage reeds
Maintain flow velocity through the valve and redirect intake charge for more even distribution to intake ports
Provide quicker, sharper throttle response and more horsepower throughout rpm range
One-piece cast aluminum bolts in easily
Order one set per cylinder

This item fits the following vehicles:
2004-2008 Yamaha FX1100 WaveRunner FX HO
2007 Yamaha FX1100 WaveRunner VX
2004-2008 Yamaha FX1100A WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO
2006 Yamaha FX1100B WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO 50th Ann.
1994-1995 Yamaha FX700 FX-1
1997-2002 Yamaha GP1200 WaveRunner GP1200
1995-1996 Yamaha RA1100 WaveRaider 1100
1994-1997 Yamaha RA700 WaveRaider
1995 Yamaha RA700A WaveRaider Deluxe
1994-2011 Yamaha SJ700 Super Jet
1999-2004 Yamaha SV1200 WaveRunner SUV1200
2005-2006 Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner 1100 Sport
2007-2010 Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner VX
2005-2006 Yamaha VX1100A WaveRunner 1100 Deluxe
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100A WaveRunner VX Cruiser
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100B WaveRunner VX Deluxe
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100C WaveRunner VX Sport
1993-1996 Yamaha WB700 WaveBlaster
1994 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner 3
1997 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III 700
1995 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III GP
1993-1994 Yamaha WRB700 WaveRunner Pro VXR
1996-1997 Yamaha WVT1100 WaveVenture 1100
1995-1998 Yamaha WVT700 WaveVenture 700
1999-2000 Yamaha XA1200 WaveRunner XL12 LTD
2009 Yamaha XA1200 WaveRunner XLT1200
2001-2005 Yamaha XA1200A WaveRunner XLT1200
1999-2000 Yamaha XL700 WaveRunner XL700
2002-2004 Yamaha XL700A WaveVenture XL700

  • Item #: RAD-131


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